"New-To-Old" liquid tile application.

Turns new terracotta/clay tiles or bricks into old looking ones, permanently!

Avilable in 1Ltr bottle with safety cap. 

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" Special Wood Filler": - With a more organic ingredient. Blending in instantly, giving your wooden surface a more natural look. Almost as good as no filler at all! Available in Bottle size 500ml activater together with 250ml compound. Lager sizes avalaible on request.   View this in our PRODUCT GALLERY.  

Custom Made Widow Shutters: - Why pay someone to make your shutters. Have high quality wood, from Northern Swedens pine forists delivered to your door in a flat-pack form, you simply put it together, and you don't have to be a brain surgeon.

Full free phone (landline only) or email back-up, on all our product range.


We like to made it easy for you. Talk you through the easy method of measuring. Even better, we will phone you back and pay for the call ! (land line only). 



All the above come with three options


1/ You send us your measurements, we will make all the special cuts and deliver the wood door kits to your home. You assemble and fit the product yourself.



2/ Have any of our other products delivered to your home, you install/apply yourself.                                         



3/ We can come, measure-up/install the products for you, the choice is yours! 



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