SOAK AWAY ( An area for water to disperse)

Removal of the calculated soil for the soak-away and gutter down pipe evacuation
In order to conceal the gutter water evacuation, part of the patio had to be removed, going to the soak-away.
Depicting the over specification of the patio substrate with just sand.
The best way to join a surface substrate, is to place a spine in the floor. But this also had to be constructed with strength and durability. The patio is not level all the way around the house so the new spine will need to angle and meet both patio level
The new spine’s mortar finish is partly wet, but will dry a stone colour
The soak-away we designed to fit in with the surrounding house design. Stone and drive way coloured finish


  • Small or large areas.
  • Any finished design available

Free design

Depicting an area of excavation & preparation.
Evacuation pipe into filter bed system
Finished and dressed-in.

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